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Joomla LogDo you need a Customisable multilingual Web Site, that you or your staff can regularly edit quickly and easily? do you need a web shop? do you want to harness the power of social networking for your business?

Wordpress LogoIf your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. We specialise in the customisation of open source software for small to medium size company’s and organisations. Why is that good for you? minimal implementation costs, the software is free. Regular updates from the open source community, ease of use for you and your staff, highly customisable while retaining reliability and stability. Great media design options built into your customised software.

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Virus Removal & Data Rescue

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VirenDo you have a virus? or do you suspect that you have one? If so we can help, Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their methods of obtaining your personal information. We can help remove such threats and assist in protecting your systems from attack.

If you would like to know more than please contact us for further information.

Domains & Hosting

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Domains & HostingDo you want to buy your very own domain name? and do you need hosting?

If you don’t know what you are doing this can be a daunting task, we can provide you with simple advice or organise the registration of your domain names and provide you with the right server hosting for your requirements.

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IT Training

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TrainingDo you have difficulty using software or would like to understand more about the internet, cloud computing or mobile devices? would you like to learn how to learn from the internet?
With over 15 years experience in the IT industry as a non digital natives, we can provide you with a customised learning program that will improve your understanding and abilities from the first lesson.Interested?

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IT Solutions

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Solutions - LösungenAre you confused by the immense selections of products available in the IT Sector? was your last computer purchase as good as the advertising promised? does your business need to upgrade and you sure not sure how to do this?

We can help you decide which is the best solution available to you for your specific purpose, be it for home us or a networked office environment.

Digitise Analogue Media

Posted by admin | Services | Wednesday 19 May 2010 00:02
Digitise - DigitalesierenDo you have old photos, or videos, records or even cassettes that are no longer of the quality they once were?

Well why not save them before its to late, and digitalise them!

The Digitalisation of Analogue media is more complicated than many people realise, it is important to capture the media at the highest level of quality possible and then to transfer this media to a digital medium that its prepared in such a way that it is compatible with newer and older media devices. Please be aware that in most cases it is not possible to improve degraded media, so do it before it is to late.

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Translations - ÜbersetzungDo you want to use the internet to reach people in other country’s? or that speak another language?

In this day and age of hi-speed internet access at low cost, more than half the consumed goods and services are researched on the internet before they are bought, if you don’t have multilingual website you may be missing a large part of your customer base! We can provide solutions starting with the simple translation of a document by a native speaker, right through to a complex multilingual web site.

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